Blind Rivet Nuts Supplier Design Finest Quality Rivet Nuts

Aluminum Rivnuts

Blind Rivet Nuts Supplier is a renowned company that designs rivet nuts. We provide different kinds of rivet nuts for different industrial needs. Our company has years of experience manufacturing top-quality rivet nuts at the best market price. Aluminum Rivnuts referred to as aluminum threaded inserts, offer excellent high strength and lightweight balance. The revenues are plenty strong enough for hanging our non-structural panels.

The nuts are supplied in steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Our rivnuts are suitable for applications requiring low weight and higher corrosion resistance. The nuts are one-third the weight of steel rivet nuts and have mild corrosion resistance. The rivnuts can use to add threads to any hole to add a screw instead of a plastic clip.

Blind Nut Riveter is used to install the machine and other pistol screws, such as machines, furniture, and decoration. We offer a wide range of blind rivets and manual, pneumatic, and battery tools for fastening blind rivets or rivet nuts. The nuts are single-part hollow-thread nuts that are installed from a single side without the need for reworking. With our blind rivet nut pliers, inserting a thread in a workpiece is easy, even when access is only possible from one side. It is designed to install aluminum, steel, and stainless steel nut rivets into materials. In addition, we offer versatile solutions for fastening resilient nut/bolt threads to thin-walled components.

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