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M8 Rivnut, Stainless Steel Rivet Nuts

Stainless steel rivet nuts, often called stainless steel threaded inserts, provide high strength, excellent durability, and natural corrosion resistance that makes them perfect for food/beverage processing, outdoor applications, and harsh work environments. Blind Drive Nuts Supplier offers ribbed stainless steel rivet nuts in two styles and diameters, lengths, and thread sizes.

Our inventory includes wide-flange “L” Series and narrow-flange “K” Series ribbed stainless steel threaded inserts. In addition, we offer numerous unified and metric sizes, making it easy to find the right-size rivet nuts for your application—whatever it may be! Our company is the source you need to know for premium quality fastener products like M8 Rivnut at competitive prices and fast, on-time deliveries


M8 Rivnut

Stainless Steel Rivet Nutsare your best application; request a quote, or contact us for more information. We state that they will provide any rivet, any size, and any metal, to meet customer requirements. We continue to add and support product lines that assist their customers, end users, and distributors. The nuts are suitable for most applications where corrosion resistance is required. It features a large diameter flange and a thin collapse chamber that installs easily with standard duty installation tools. The nuts are suitable for applications requiring corrosion resistance. The nuts are more versatile than self-tapping screws or pressed inserts. The nuts are made from aluminum, brass, steel, or stainless steel and are designed to be used instead of tapped holes.

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